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Services and Prices

Intensive Courses - achieve quick success

Semi-Intensive courses are usually 20 hours over a four-week period.

Individual hourly price is £26 per hour. A bulk-booking discount is available:

20 hours = £460 (equivalent to just £23 per hour).

Intensive courses are usually 30-40 hours per week, over five to ten days.

These lessons cost £27 per hour. Bulk-booking discount for the Intensive course:      

40 hours = £840 (equivalent to just £21 per hour).

Complete Beginners

For those new, or very inexperienced, lessons cost £25 each per hour.

Discounts are available for bulk-booking: The first 6 lessons cost just £99, working out at less than £17 per hour!

Bulk-booking 10 full-price lessons costs just £240, equivalent to £24 per lesson.

Introduce a friend and you also get a half-price lesson.

Motorway Driving Lesson

Perfect for those new to, or nervous of, Motorways.

The lesson starts with you driving to Newark and joining the A1. After a comfort break & refreshments, we proceed to the M18, where you will spend around 2 hours practicing joining/exiting several motorway junctions and experiencing all aspects of motorway driving. After a further break, you will then make the return journey home.

Due to the distance to the motorway, a five-hour lesson will be required. This ensures you receive sufficient time on the motorway. Total cost for this experience is just £125.

Hypnotherapy Sessions - overcoming driving anxiety

I am also a fully-qualified Hypnotherapist, with three-years experience. Hypnotherapy can be used to help you relax and aid in reducing stress, for the more nervous of pupils. These sessions have proven to be especially helpful at driving-test time.

These sessions take place in your own home, lasting half-hour. Some people require two sessions, depending on their anxiety levels. A half-hour session costs just £20.

Contact me for more information..

Refresher Lessons - for those partially trained

Refresher driving lessons cost £25 each per hour.

Discounts are available for bulk-booking: 5 lessons cost just £99, working out at less than £20 per hour!

Also, introduce a friend and you get a half-price lesson.

The prices quoted here are for local customers, within a 12-mile radius of Boston. I pick you up from home, your place of work, college, etc, to suit your requirements. For those further afield, please contact me for pricing.

Free Babysitting!

My wife provides free babysitting, at your home, for those who have no child-care in place. This needs to be pre-arranged, as my wife would normally come to your home a few days before your lesson to ensure that you and your child(ren) all get along with her!

As always, contact me to discuss your specific needs.

From £21   per hour £125: five-hours £20: half-hour £ Free! From £20   per hour From £17   per hour